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The Puffin Club was founded by Puffin Books in 1967, the first 'Puffin Post' magazine appearing in Spring of that year. The founder was 'Fat Puffin', otherwise known as Kaye Webb, then Editor at Puffins; she was assisted by P'Sylvia Mogg as the Club secretary.

On August 5th 1978, the Puffin Club buried a Time Capsule in the grounds of Puffins' site at Harmondsworth, Middlesex. The intention was that it should remain underground for 100 years, and as well as containing messages to the future generation of readers, it also held a number of preserved items, the aim being to test the efficacy of their preservation technique. The Department of Art History and Conservation of Camberwell College of Arts was responsible for this aspect of the burial.

At the time of the burial, 36 Puffin Club members were selected to be Time Capsule Guardians. Some of them were able to be present at the Time Capsule burial. For the next few years, P'Sylvia kept them in touch with the Club and each other through an occasional newsletter.

At the end of 1987 the Puffin Club closed, being replaced by the Puffin Schools Club which is still in being. After discussion among themselves and with Puffin Books and Camberwell College, the Guardians decided that the Time Capsule should remain buried, and they would continue in their role as its protectors. Since then, an (approximately) annual Newsletter has been maintained by one of their number to enable them to keep in touch.

In 2002, we were informed by Puffins that the Harmondsworth site had been sold and that the Time Capsule would therefore have to be removed. A new site needed to be found for it. At that time, Seven Stories, the Centre for Children's Books, was being set up, Kaye Webb's archive being one of the first collections to be deposited there. They agreed to take the Time Capsule, and it was re-buried in their building during 2005. A plaque in the floor marks the spot.

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