The Time Capsule Guardians' Responsibilities

Each Time Capsule Guardian was presented with a certificate in which their duties were outlined as follows:

1. To ensure the Time Capsule remains sealed and buried until the approriate time for its disinterment. If it has to be removed from its original burying place, to re-inter it and inform the British Museum Library, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum and Penguin Books of the new burial site.

2. On 5th August 2028, the surviving Guardians, or their appointees, must decide whether particular circumstances prevail which make it provident to unseal the Time Capsule. The decision rests with the Guardians, but the written consent of ten Guardians must be obtained before the Capsule is disinterred.

3. If the Time Capsule is to remain sealed for a further period of fifty years, each Guardian must appoint a person of care and discretion to be his successor. The new Guardians will be vested with the aforementioned authority and they will be responsible for the disinterment of the Time Capsule on 5th August, 2078.

4. The Time Capsule must be unsealed in the invited presence of distinguished authorities in the world of Children's Literature, who, aided by the Guardians, will be responsible for the seemly and fitting use of the contents therein.

5. At the time of the unsealing pf the Time Capsule, all institutions wherein its presence is recorded, viz, the British Museum Library, the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Science Museum and Penguin Books, must be notified and their attendance invited.

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