Penguin Books press release about the burial

From the Penguin Books Press Release about the burial of the Puffin Time Capsule:

This began at the Puffin Exhibition as a stimulating project for children and has turned into something which may genuinely make a contribution to the future.

When it is resurrected in the year 2078 we think it may be regarded as Buried Treasure since it will offer children a hundred years hence a representative selection of the best that was being written for them in this decade and may even be the means of reviving interest in a skill that, heaven forbid, could have fallen into disuse.

In any event, the discovery of 176 of the nicest books written for children, inscribed by the authors with messages for the future, together with others which give a picture of children's literature in this century and best of all, thousands of tiny messages written by children at the Puffin Exhibition and enclosed in special capsules, must provide pleasure and excitement when they are discovered.

The survival of the capsule is ensured by appointing members of the Puffin Club as Hereditary Trustees (passing their responsibility to their children and their children's children). Its existence will be registered on the Science Museum's Brought Forward File, in the British Museum Library and the Victoria and Albert Museum Catalogue. It has also been filed on the Penguin computer's Brought forward Programme.

Its safety is ensured as the entire collection is enclosed in a sealed airtight box covered with a lead outer casing which will be lowered into a brick vault dug into the summit of a little copse in the Penguin grounds and guarded by a little cherry tree. Some of the most respresentatve books are being treated with Lamatec tissue provided by Adamco Limited and others have been xeroxed on to special long life Archive Text provided by P F Bingham as part of an experiment in preservation by the Camberwell School of Art.

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